TAC Corporation, in pursuit of happiness of all employees, and pursuing zero subsidence in all TBM construction projects.

TAC Corporation

Company Profile

Company profile

Company name TAC Corporation
Representative name President Shinji Takigawa
Headquarter information

1073 Minamigata,
Yoshinaga Town,Bizen City,
Okayama Prefecture,
TEL.+81-869-84-2069 / FAX.+81-869-84-3288
Web: http://www.tac-co.com/ Email: info@tac-co.com

Capital 100 million yen
No. of employees 60 (as of April 2017)
Qualified person Technician · APEC Engineer · First class civil engineering and construction management engineer · Pollution control administrator (type 4) · Surveyor · Tunnel Rescue Technology Manager · First-class Construction Machinery Construction Engineer · Concrete Engineer · Occupational Safety Consultant · Disaster Prevention Officer
Business Contents
  • Development, sales and leasing of backfilling and additive material injection facilities for use in shield tunnel construction.
  • Development and sales of simultaneous backfill grouting (annular gap grouting) equipment for shield tunnel machines (TBM).
  • Sales of modifying agents for sludge and soil.
  • Consultation services relating to the design and construction of tunnels and various foundation works.
  • Bio-related business for purification and improvement of soil and water quality and reduction of environmental burden.
Customer Focus Major general contractors
Major heavy industry manufacturers
Facility Equipment for shield backfilling, additive material injection, crushing factory, reservoir, plant maintenance factory
Bank Chugoku Bank, Tomato Bank, Hinase Shinyo Bank, Mizuho Bank, Bank of China
Member organization Shield Thixotropical Gel Association, Shield Tunneling Association of Japan, Japan Tunneling Association, NPO Corporation Michibushinbito, Society Corporation, Seto Corporate Group Corporation, Okayama Prefectural Culture Association, Mahoroba Council of Bizen Greenification.

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TAC Corporation