TAC Corporation, in pursuit of happiness of all employees, and pursuing zero subsidence in all Shield construction projects.

TAC Corporation

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President’s Greeting

“Aiming to be the most admired engineering team, where each and every employee is the hero of our story!”

Our company was established in 1932 as a sales business for mined ceramic and refractory raw materials, our Shield construction related business started from 1976.

As you may well know, Shield construction method was first developed in the UK back 1818.

From there it was imported to Japan and the first full-scale construction using this technology was the Kanmon railway tunnel in 1939. Shield construction continued to develop, it wasn’t until well after WWⅡ that the Kakuozan tunnel was completed in 1960. Japan lead research breakthroughs in Slurry Shield Tunneling in 1967 and Earth Pressure Shield Tunneling in 1974.

TAC Corporation developed and realized the two-liquid type backfilling method (Annular Gap Method) for the first time in Japan. It dramatically advanced conventional shield construction and we applied this technique to more than 1200 and counting.

Present our company’s name was changed on our 60th Anniversary in 1992 to better represent the company we had evolved into. Our logo invokes the image of the sun and the moon in relation to each other, with the sun shielding the moon. The circle represents a tunnel shield, and the crescent the backfill grout we produce.

To realize our goal of “Zero Ground Subsidence in Shield Construction”, we hope for our company that each and every employee becomes a brilliant hero in the “TAC Domestic & Overseas Stories” and our success in shield construction sites all over the world continues to be appreciated and be supported by locals, our families and children who dream of the future.


TAC Corporation