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Characteristics of Air Mortar (FLOW-TAC)

Characteristics of Air Mortar

Bentonite and Clay Sand are mixed and allowed to collect water while resting.
During the mixing it is very important to not destroy the bubble matrix created by the foaming agent.

  • ①Pour the cement stirring and adding the prepared auxiliary solution and specified amount of water to the mixer.
  • ②The foaming agent is passed through a defuser using compressed air, creating a fine bubble matrix.
  • ③The bubbles are then added to the raw mortar and gently mixed.
  • ④FLOW-TAC air mortar is completed.
  • ⑤When doing using a long distance pressure feed, (+2000m) we add “The Fluidizing Agent FLOW-TAC AID” to the final mix to improve the fluidity.
Air Mortar Plant Installation
Example of Air Mortar Injection Flow
●Air Mortar Injection Flow
●Mini plant for saving space
●Double Plant for Large Capacity Construction
●Foaming device
●Before construction of air mortar
●Constructing Air Mortar
●After completion of air mortar construction

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