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Slurry Materials

Stable and strong facing and mountains begins with excellent quality mud.

What is Mud?

Mud-pressurizing Shield Construction method has a mud chamber behind the cutter partition which contains mud which is applied to the cutting face to a certain pressure, which in turn hold the face in place while cutting,and allows lubrication of the soil to be moved. Additives are used to transform the mud and add properties of impermeability and plasticity. While boring the mud-chamber is pressurized by the thrust force of the shield jack, and should have the pressure equivalent of the earth and underground water pressure combined at the cutting face, this will enable to cutting to progress in a balanced manner. Failure of the cutting face due to lack of pressure, poor quality mud, inconsistent mud quality or a host of other factors makes mud quality one of the most important aspects of Mud-pressurizing Shield Construction method.

Mechanism of collapse.

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