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Muck-Slurry Treatment

We contribute recycle and promotion of environment protection by solidification material corresponding to soil, construction conditions and conditions of a final disposal site.

Surplus Soil Solidification Material

It disposes of them as industrial waste (construction sludge) because evacuation surplus soil that produce by mud shield construction. However, recently, the problem of shortage of final disposal site reveals and it requires promotion of construction material recycling from environmental load reduction. In solidification of mud, materials such as polymer, cement, lime etc. are used alone or in combination after considering soil condition, construction condition, disposal site conditions,etc. Because polymeric solidification material is neutral and has immediate effect, improvement can be seen in just a few seconds after itʼs addition and meaning this material is optimal for conveying mud. However, like the lime and cement it doesnʼt dehydrate after reacting with water, rather it changes the particle structure by water absorption and flocculation action, so the water content ratio does not change. Therefore, in the case of landfill etc. where strength is required, it is necessary to use polymeric solidification material in combination with lime or cement.

Muck Solidification Materials
Classification Product Name True Specific Gravity (Bulk Specific Gravity) Hydrogen Ion Exponent 〔pH〕 Main Component 荷  姿 Feature
Polymer System TAC Gather(Liquid) 1.05 7.0~8.0 (0.5% solution) Acrylic Acid Type Polymer 18kg/Can It is an organic polymer with electrical adhesiveness and aggregates soil particles.Developed for modifier of shield tunneled soil.
TG Rock(Powder) (0.8~1.0) 8.0~9.0 (0.2% solution) 20kg/ Bag 1ton/ FIBC Bag 10ton/Truck General aggregation system solidifying material
TG Rock-P(Powder) (0.8~1.0) 8.0~9.0 (0.2% solution) 20kg/ Bag 1ton/ FIBC Bag 10ton/Truck Water absorption system solidification material. It is effective for sand and gravel soil.
TG Rock-L(Liquid) 1.0±0.1 7.5~8.5 (0.2% solution) 18kg/ Can 1m3/ IBC Tank ローリー車 Products that made TG Rock an emulsion. It improved the workability and reactivity compared to powder products.
Hybrid Polymerα(Liquid) 1.0~1.1 8.0~9.0 (0.2% solution) 18kg/ Can 1m3/ IBC Tank It is a high-performance liquid type, dust-free, and excellent in work environment.
Inorganic System Tough Rock TL-3E 2.70~3.30 Cement · Pozzolan Material 1ton/FIBC Bag 10ton/Truck The soil particles are agglomerated by hydration reaction and stabilized by pozzolanic reaction. Hexavalent chromium elution reduction type adapted to soil quality.
● Nature before adding Muck Solidification Material and after doing it.

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